Spring for the Soul

The sun coming out after a long winter of clouds, cold, snow—and more snow—is such a welcome sight! It’s amazing how much better it makes me feel. I didn’t necessarily feel like I was “down” before, but my spirits get a definite lift when the sky is blue and the sun is bright. I am […]

Winning Means Finishing Strong

I love football! Oh yes, I do! I’m already excited for the Super Bowl, even though we don’t know who’s playing yet. I’m also holding back sadness for the long stretch of months after the Big Game when there will be no football games. *sniff* There’s lots of life lessons in football, but one of […]

Fresh Start!

I love January 1st! I love a fresh start, a new beginning. I love that New Year’s is such a big deal. I love that people all over the world celebrate this new day, this new year, with so much fanfare. We do this because God programmed it right into our DNA. It’s part of […]

You Can Have HOPE

We all love a powerful story of triumph. We love it when the odds are against someone and there’s no way the goal will be achieved. No. Way. But then … the pivotal moment comes. A ray of light, a helping hand, a brilliant idea, a game-changing intervention. The music swells, the plot turns and […]