You Can Have HOPE

We all love a powerful story of triumph. We love it when the odds are against someone and there’s no way the goal will be achieved. No. Way. But then … the pivotal moment comes. A ray of light, a helping hand, a brilliant idea, a game-changing intervention. The music swells, the plot turns and […]

In Light of Eternity

I was listening to one of my favorite songs the other day, “Lose My Soul” by TobyMac, featuring Kirk Franklin and Mandisa. I was singing along with Mandisa and the phrase, “Livin’ in the light of eternity” stuck with me. I’ve always loved that turn of phrase. It holds such a huge concept in a […]

His Grace is Enough

Stress? What Stress? I used to go to my chiropractor “all crinkled up.” (He called it subluxated. Whatever.) He would ask me if my stress level was high. If I said, “Yes,” he would then ask, “Is it going to get better?” Great question. Sometimes we are in a specific situation that is short term […]

Rhythms of Life

While at Family Camp this summer, I was talking with a friend about my youngest son’s soon departure to college, and he asked an insightful question, “So how will this change the rhythm of your life?” Rhythms of Change I laughed. I told him, the rhythm of my life has been up for constant change […]

When God Gives a Push!

Running Ahead… Some people get in trouble because they run ahead of God. An idea comes and they’re off! Sometimes there is prayer and preparation missing from the project, which will always become an issue at some point. But these inspired quick reactors don’t worry about such things. They are getting started right now! Lagging […]