Rhythms of Life

While at Family Camp this summer, I was talking with a friend about my youngest son’s soon departure to college, and he asked an insightful question, “So how will this change the rhythm of your life?” Rhythms of Change I laughed. I told him, the rhythm of my life has been up for constant change […]

When God Gives a Push!

Running Ahead… Some people get in trouble because they run ahead of God. An idea comes and they’re off! Sometimes there is prayer and preparation missing from the project, which will always become an issue at some point. But these inspired quick reactors don’t worry about such things. They are getting started right now! Lagging […]

New Season

Nine Months Let’s say you have a blog…and you haven’t posted in nine months. How do you start back up again? Do you explain what you’ve been doing and why you haven’t written? (Does anyone really want to hear the story of your life for the past nine months? Really?) Do you just post as […]

In the Meantime

Ever feel like parts of your life are being lived “in the meantime?” You’re doing what you’re doing today while you’re waiting for something else. Waiting for New Seasons Maybe you’re waiting for a dream job or a particular opportunity. Perhaps you’re waiting for retirement or some other new season that is just around the […]

Look Up!

The Sunday morning before last, I was starting to get quite the headache. We had finished worship practice and I found myself rubbing my neck and jaws because they were so tight and painful. I knew from experience that if those symptoms continued, I would wind up with a debilitating migraine. This was not an […]