Spring for the Soul

The sun coming out after a long winter of clouds, cold, snow—and more snow—is such a welcome sight! It’s amazing how much better it makes me feel. I didn’t necessarily feel like I was “down” before, but my spirits get a definite lift when the sky is blue and the sun is bright. I am more hopeful, more ready to tackle new projects.

Seasons of Promise

With spring just around the corner—well, a very long, curved corner in northwest MT—I can’t help but think about the areas in life where I’m looking for spring to come. It’s interesting how the seasons in our lives work together. Some are long. Some are shorter. They often overlap. Some seasons take longer than we think they should and sometimes we can’t wait for the next season to get going already!

I have circumstances that are ready for spring. And I’m hoping it won’t be a “late spring,” the kind that takes a few extra weeks to arrive! I have some promises from God that are yet to be fulfilled. I know in my spirit that fulfillment is imminent. I’m just trying to keep my soul on track. The mind, will and emotions that basically want to freak out and wonder if God’s going to come through in time.

So I take myself back to all the other promises God has fulfilled. On time. In His time, but never late. He has done amazing things. God has answered so many prayers. Countless, really. He has healed me. He has provided for me. And best of all, He has directed my steps and my path. Over and over, He has arranged circumstances to bring me to the next thing He had for me to do, the next place He had for me to be. I’m sure you can look back on many answered prayers as well.

The Nature of God

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves of all God has done so we can take the next step of trust for our future. Especially if the next step is bigger than we’ve taken before. (The phrase, “leap of faith” comes to mind!) God has never failed us. He’s not going to start now. It’s not even in His nature to do so. He IS faithful. He always has our very best in mind. We have to remember, no matter how long the winter, spring does come. Ever year, without fail, the leaves grow back on the trees. The grass turns green. The flowers bloom. Spring takes hold and then gives way to summer.

Encourage your soul that spring is on the way! Don’t let the icy grip of winter freeze your heart to new possibilities and to what God wants to do next. Lift up your head and trust that the Lord has a plan and that it’s a good plan. He won’t let you down. He will raise you up for all to see, a reflection of His glory, of His power and might. He will come through for you. So, stand firm on those promises. Know that this season will change. We can have every confidence because of Who God is.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens … He has made everything beautiful in its time,” (Ecc. 3:1, 11.) The Lord knows exactly what season we are in for every area of our lives. He hasn’t forgotten. We just need to keep trusting Him and moving forward with the things He has given us to do. Spring will yet come.

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