Fresh Start!

I love January 1st! I love a fresh start, a new beginning. I love that New Year’s is such a big deal. I love that people all over the world celebrate this new day, this new year, with so much fanfare. We do this because God programmed it right into our DNA. It’s part of our very being to celebrate, to love and to need new beginnings. We all have a “Refresh” button that needs to be pressed from time to time.

God built in “fresh starts” for us. Every sunrise. Every sunset. The beginning of a new week, a new month, and definitely, the new year. We see this refreshing in the seasons as well. God never intends for us to be stagnant, but to be living and vibrant, moving forward through the seasons of the calendar and the seasons of life.

This seems obvious, but it’s been a very difficult principle for me to grasp. As much as I love the “new,” I tend to want to hang on to the season I’m in. It’s good, let’s stay here. Of course, it’s easier to let go of seasons that aren’t so good. But, some of us have trouble moving on to the next thing, especially if we’re not sure what that “next thing” looks like exactly.

Don’t Stand Still; Move Forward

I’m getting better at moving when God says to move, however. I’ve seen over and over that the next thing God has is always good. It’s not always easy. Some seasons are beyond difficult. Some seasons are downright painful. Some seem to go on forever. But even in those times, if I will ask God what He has for me, if I will surrender to His plan, if I will go deeper and keep walking, those times turn out “good” as well. There will be new growth, new maturity, an eternal purpose.

Changes & Concerns: We All  Have Them…

The past year held lots of changes for us. I’ll be talking about that in my next newsletter (sign up in the right-hand column if you haven’t yet!) but it was a great year of following the Lord step by step and having Him take us to new places of ministry, friendship and hospitality–some of our favorite things! I look forward to 2016 being a great year. Not because everything is my life is perfect or just the way I want it to be. Not at all.

There are people I’m deeply concerned about. I have health challenges, financial challenges, and it is still hard to have Scott work so far away from home. But I rejoice in the Lord and in His perfect ways. I know He will bring more good changes and more deep growth in Him this year. Not only do I want to know Him more tomorrow than I do today, I want the closeness I experience with Him this year make it look like I barely knew Him last year!

…But God is GOOD!

He has so much more for us. He always does. There is always so much more to know about Him and in Him. He calls us to a greater partnership and to a path we haven’t walked before, but that He knows so well. Hand in hand with Him is the very best way to walk through this life. I pray my love for Him shines out and brings light to others that will draw them to His open arms.

Happy New Year!

Need hope for the New Year? Look to Jesus. He is our hope and our salvation. Need encouragement? Remember that He is the Lord and He does all things well. Need inspiration? Remember that He has made you a new creation and created you to do good works in Him and for Him. Need comfort? Remember that He loves you with an everlasting love.

He is with us every moment and listening for our voice. Call out to Him. He is right there. Right with you. Right with me. And walking with Him is what will make this New Year so great!

“The faithful love of the Lord never ends! His mercies never cease. Great is His faithfulness; His mercies begin afresh each morning. I say to myself, ‘The Lord is my inheritance, therefore, I will hope in him’.” Lamentations 3:22-24


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