A Grateful Heart is a Happy Heart

Thanksgiving is such a great holiday. A time to get together with family and friends—and feast! I mean, give thanks. The Bountiful Life The lavish Thanksgiving table that most of us indulge in symbolizes to me the bountiful life that we have. We have so much! So much food, so many material possessions.  Truly, we […]

God’s Heart for You ~ Amazing Love

Sometimes the simple songs are the most profound. Love Songs in Church I don’t remember learning, “Jesus Loves Me,” but it must have been in Sunday school because I learned it so young, I’ve been singing it “all my life.” Such sweet, precious truth. “Yes, Jesus loves me, Yes, Jesus loves me…the Bible tells me […]

The Tiny Evangelist

The other day, I carefully parked my Yukon next to the cart return at the grocery store. As I stepped out, a little girl who was hanging out a car window in the next space over sang out to me, “Jesus loves you!” I laughed. “Yes, He does!” I replied. “And He loves you too.” […]

Lighten Up

The Lord told me the funniest thing last week. In such a kind and compassionate way, He told me to, “Lighten up.” What? Really? Did I hear that right? Who me? I’m not worried… I know we’re not supposed to worry, and I put a lot of effort into not worrying, sometimes without much success, […]

4 Ways to Improve Your Prayer Life

Do you find yourself thinking you need to pray more? I do. And while we probably do need to set aside more time for concentrated prayer, these four things can improve our prayer life right now. 1.     All Prayer Counts. Sometimes we feel like we’re not praying enough because we aren’t physically on our knees […]

Look Up!

The Sunday morning before last, I was starting to get quite the headache. We had finished worship practice and I found myself rubbing my neck and jaws because they were so tight and painful. I knew from experience that if those symptoms continued, I would wind up with a debilitating migraine. This was not an […]