A Grateful Heart is a Happy Heart

Thanksgiving is such a great holiday. A time to get together with family and friends—and feast! I mean, give thanks. The Bountiful Life The lavish Thanksgiving table that most of us indulge in symbolizes to me the bountiful life that we have. We have so much! So much food, so many material possessions.  Truly, we […]

Hearts, Valentine’s–God’s Love

I have really been looking forward to February this year. Not sure why. There wasn’t anything wrong with January, but I really like Valentine’s Day. I found myself anticipating February 1st so I could put away the snowmen and decorate for Valentine’s—which I did, promptly on the 1st—smiling all the way. Love It! Yep, I […]

Need Another “Fresh Start?”

We are almost two weeks into January. How are we doing? Hanging onto those New Year Resolutions? Hopefully, you’re making progress on your “just five things.” (See last post: To Resolve or Not to Resolve) The New Year is Gone Sometimes our grip on the New Year starts to loosen right about now, right around […]

To Resolve or Not To Resolve?

That is the New Year’s question. It used to be assumed that everyone made New Year’s Resolutions and magazine articles and sermons were tailored accordingly. Then came a wave of thinking that said since we don’t keep resolutions past February, why torture ourselves by making resolutions? Let’s just forget the resolutions and go on with […]

Emmanuel: God with Us

I’m privileged to sing a wonderful song this weekend for our Christmas choir production. It’s called “Emmanuel.” One of the most beautiful words ever – Emmanuel. It’s one of the names of Jesus and it means “God with us.” Indeed. Jesus came to be God with us, God among us. He came to in every […]

The Only Christmas List You Need

Christmas is the season of lists. I love lists. They keep me on track and provide such a sense of accomplishment when you check things off as they are done. Check. Check. Check. So satisfying! In December, there are even more lists than usual. There’s the gift list, the Christmas card list, the baking list, […]

Holiday Emotions

(This turned into an early Christmas post. Yet, it feels timely to me, possibly because of all the Christmas commercials and store decorations. Or maybe it’s because it’s been snowing all afternoon! In any case, I just had to say…) I’m a mess lately. I almost cry at commercials. I say, “No, no!” to the […]